About Syntax


SYNTAX is an art structure devoted to the production, presentation, promotion and stimulation of international contemporary art practice in Lisbon. With its name derived from a linguistic discipline, which deals with the study of relations between words in a sentence, the main incentive of SYNTAX, is to establish new sets of relations between the work of international artists and art practitioners coming to Lisbon, and the local art context they are confronted with.


Assuming the metaphor of an artwork as a word and a creative context as a sentence (an enclosed structure) that accommodates it, SYNTAX operates as an agent, which through its various activities helps to facilitate and maintain relations among one another. Our main goal is to provide a functional environment for creation and new encounters that will lead to the exchange of knowledge and ideas, as well as lasting rather than passing collaborations.


SYNTAX is a project developed by Markéta Stará Condeixa.



SYNTAX BOOKSHOP brings together books and other forms of printed matter, which deal with and bridge subjects of contemporary art practice and of contemporary culture at large. The Syntax bookshop introduces a combination of international and Portuguese publishing and offers a wide range of titles, which span from small and experimental publishing studios to established publishers.


As part of the bookshop program, we are launching the Publishing Desk, the goal of which is to gradually introduce small publishing initiatives and projects behind our Publishing Desk.